Don’t you just hate when you walk into a spider web? An arm or leg isn’t as bad as your face getting tangled in one. The other day I walked (and not distracted walking which I previously blogged about) right into a web. When you’re out in public swatting and pulling at your face people look at you funny. The web clung to my lipstick, nose and eyeglasses. YUCK! Personally, I don’t know how Spider Man does it. It would be common courtesy if spiders posted a caution sign reading, ‘Spider Web,’ much like ‘Wet Floor’ or Wet Paint’ signs.

I know some people who should carry caution signs reading’ Fart Stench Zone’ around with them as a common courtesy to alert others after cutting the cheese. If a person is aware they’re entering the Fart Zone they would hold their nose and stop talking.

Only the farter doesn’t give a heads up (due to embarrassment) and lets an innocent person walk right into it and start choking and gasping. When this happens they pretend to look for a culprit when you know it’s them; there’s no one else around. It’s bad enough to walk thru the zone and smell it, but to walk thru it while talking is dangerous. It’s like swallowing a toxic gas.

The worse case scenario would be to walk face first into a web, located in a Fart Zone. A scented web – that’s one scratch-n-sniff you don’t want to smell; the horror.

And with this I leave you until next time.

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