We attended a high school graduation this weekend. As I watched the graduates walk across the stage to receive their diploma I thought some of them will become famous not for curing cancer, but because of reality television. But, what disturbed me more than that was looking at the parents. After each kid got their diploma a family picture was taken onstage (it was a small graduation.) I watched as the families smiled and thought, wow, some of these people look really old. I mean old enough to be the grandparents.

It’s only logical with people having babies later and later in life that this will become the norm. You know how you don’t ask a strange, fat woman if she’s pregnant? Well don’t ask an old, gray haired lady if she the grandmother. The answer will be no. Why with a host of medical options available today to have a baby it no longer matters if a woman is past childbearing age and has shriveled eggs.

Looking at the elderly parents I told myself that may be this kid was the last one in a long line of children – like twenty. I got a mental snapshot of what the Duggar parents will look like when their last kid graduates.

Parents should be making travel plans when their last child goes off to college, not nursing home plans.

Sure there have been men like Charlie Chaplin and Tony Randall who had children late in life, but they had a young wife. The key is for one of you to be young, otherwise you’ll be changing your baby’s’ diaper along with yours. But, let’s look on the bright side – if your kid is ‘Reality Television Famous’ you’ll be taken care of. You’ll have a role in the show created especially for you, ‘Living With the Old Geezer.’


There’s one advantage to being 102. There’s no peer pressure.


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