While my husband is working on our kitchen we won’t be able to cook in it; a dream come true. We will be able to eat simple meals, like cereal that require no pots or pans. I’m ok with this. Since I’m not a morning person and don’t like to eat large meals when half asleep, my breakfast usually consist of cereal. There are 3 people in my house and what amazes me are the 12 boxes of cereal in our pantry – all opened. You’d be right to think some of them are stale. They sit on the shelf, in the stale section.

My kids knew if they wanted a homemade breakfast they had 3 options: 1) Wait for the weekend and ask their father. 2) Go to a friends house.  3) Wait till we went on vacation.

Being on vacation is the only time I eat a hearty breakfast. I look around the restaurant and am surprised to see people awake, engaging in conversation and looking like they are enjoying themselves. I participate in this strange lifestyle until we return home and I resume my morning grumbling over my cereal bowl.

An article in my local newspaper reported cereal flavors are making their way to other products such as lip balms and cereal flavored vodka, milk and ice cream. Betty Crocker has cereal flavored muffin mixes. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for cereal to branch out. My husband prefers cereal that colors his milk; you know – the sugar flavored cereal rather than the fiber filled cereal. When he’s done he’s drinking pink or chocolate flavored milk.

Some cereals have found their way to the toppings bar at yogurt places, having their place alongside sprinkles, cherries and nuts.

There’s the rare occasion we have donuts for breakfast. In my house eating jelly donuts can cause hard feelings and incite arguments when the other person’s jelly donut has more jelly than yours. Jealously rears its ugly head when my husbands donut is filled top to bottom with jelly and mine has a pea size amount. I take a bite and get dry dough. My husband takes a bite and jelly oozes out from all ends, spilling onto his plate; when I reach over to scoop up some jelly I’m told, “Step away from the jelly and nobody gets hurt.” It’s not fair. Any man who does not share his jelly does not deserve to eat fresh cereal. Let him eat stale. We have plenty.

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