Space invaders come in all shapes and sizes. To a guy his girlfriend’s toothbrush resting on his bathroom sink symbolizes much more than good oral hygiene. It screams marriage. It’s one thing for her to shower in his bathroom, but leaving her toothbrush is downright pushy. She’s a space invader. If he lets her toothbrush in – what’s next – sharing closet space? We all know it begins with a drawer – no bigger than a sock drawer.

Recently I viewed my husband as a space invader when we were remodeling the downstairs and he moved his razor from his downstairs bathroom to my upstairs bathroom. Looking at his razor I realized, I love the guy, but not enough to want to share my space. He could have put his razor in the kids’ bathroom, but he chose mine. I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because we share a bed that he assumed I would welcome his razor with open arms. Yep, I bet you that’s it. I refrained from saying anything as the guy is working hard to give me the kitchen of my dreams. Yet, every time I looked at his razor I wondered how long it would be there and toyed with the idea of hiring professionals to move along the remodeling so the razor could return to its proper place – out of my bathroom.

I don’t understand my feeling this way because when we first married we shared a bathroom and never had a problem. We brushed together. We flossed together. Life as a newlywed couple who flossed together couldn’t have been better.

With time came a house with multiple bathrooms – one for him and for her. He put his manly stuff in the men’s room and I put my girly stuff in the women’s room and never looked back. I’m ok with having my battery operated toothbrush and my soft head, dental approved toothbrush (I get ay my bi annual cleanings) being the only brushes in my toothbrush holder. I don’t know what I would have done if his toothbrush suddenly mingled with mine. How does one return something to a space invader who’s also your spouse? Do you put it in a box, with a big, red bow and tell them it’s an early anniversary gift? Do you write about it in a blog and hope they get the hint?

We would have had an even bigger problem had his hair brush made its way into my bathroom. I think the only logical way to have solved that problem would have been to list his items on Craigslist. Sometimes you have to get tough with a space invader.

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