Our refrigerator is getting old and since it’s having plumbing problems we had to disconnect the ice maker. Why is it always the plumbing that’s the first to go? Now we will have to make ice the old fashioned – using ice trays. I would venture to guess most kids don’t know what an ice tray is. My kids saw an ice tray for the first time when we stayed at an old beach motel. When I removed it from the freezer they looked at it in puzzlement and asked what it was. We explained its function and how it worked. They scratched their heads, trying to make sense of it all. When they inquired if we also had to hunt and kill fresh game for all our meals when we were little that I knew they thought we were from the dinosaur era.

I know they probably thought if we stayed at a hotel we’d be living like civilized people. One of the first things we do when we check in to a hotel is fill the ice bucket. It doesn’t matter if anyone wants a glass of ice water; we fill it to the brim. I guess it’s our way of saying, “This is home, for awhile.”

Have you ever had the misfortune of standing behind the wrong person at the ice machine? He or she is obsessed with having the exact amount of ice. They take some ice, look at their cup and dump some out. They hold the glass up to light as though mentally weighing the ice and add some more back in. Finally, they add the soda which overflows and makes a mess. When they pour the soda out, some ice cubes follow. So, they count the cubes left in the glass and unhappy with the amount start the whole process over. This is one time an ice tray comes in handy.

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