The Brolly umbrella is designed with a four finger grip in the handle so you can continue texting while walking in the rain. You can buy one at www.brollytime .com for $20. I wonder if this umbrella’s strong and sturdy or if it will turn inside out from a strong wind gust. Wouldn’t it be great if the umbrella came equipped with sensors to warn you if you’re about to walk into a pole while texting. Imagine the next storm with people unknowingly poking one another with their Brolly umbrella because they’re to busy texting to look up. Poke the wrong person in the ear and that’ll cause a fight. With time I’m sure this umbrella will come in miniature sizes for kids.

The time has come for a dual handle umbrella. They have bicycles built for two, why not umbrellas? With such an umbrella you don’t have to worry about touching the other person germs and you don’t have to worry who’s on top (hand that is.)

We all know the person who gets caught in a freak thunderstorm. This person shows up at your door, dripping wet. They take off their coat; shake it out all over your new floor. They remove their hat and toss it on your new couch. They don’t follow the path of newspapers you lay out for them to the bathroom so they could dry off. They walk around, shoes squishing, leaving damp footprints. You want to yell at your husband, but don’t because his umbrella is in the back of your car.

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