Warm weather means barbecues, vacations and mosquitoes. You could use bug repellent and light citronella candles, but they’re gonna get you. I got eaten alive recently walking the Wetlands in Florida. Only at the time I was unaware as I was preoccupied with avoiding the snakes on the boardwalk. Ah, memories.

My husband and I passed on the anti- itch cream and decided to tough it out. I’ve been scratching ever since. It helps to have long nails for scratching as you’ll get instant satisfaction. Once you start scratching a bite that’s been driving you crazy you release an audible sigh of pleasure so loud that just like in the movie When Harry Met Sally, those around you will
demand, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Last night I was walking and attempted to lift my foot to scratch my ankle. I toppled over. So, I propped against a neighbor’s mailbox and went at it. Heaven. Lucky for me she wasn’t home.

Sitting on the couch watching television, my husband started to scratch his bites. Watching him I felt myself start to itch. It was a slow buildup. I call it contagious itching because just like yawning is contagious, so too is scratching. The more he scratched, the more I scratched. He scratched his foot. I scratched my foot. He scratched his arm. I scratched my arm. He was
envious of the relief my long nails brought. We scratched and sighed, scratched and sighed. It was when he scratched where baseball players scratch that he begged me to scratch him. I stopped scratching, got up and cut my nails.

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