Just about everything these days is motion sensored.  Soap dispensers and faucets are. Paper towel dispensers are; at least they claim to be. I go to this one restaurant that has a sensor dispenser. When I wave my hands in front of it nothing happens. When I wave my hands under it nothing happens. Only when I punch it does the paper towel roll out.

When I was at Home Depot the other day I walked by some porch lights that came on. They were motion sensored. With nothing else to do while my husband looked for tools I walked back and forth watching the lights go on and off. When I started to dance in front of them it was my very own light show.

I recently stayed at a relative’s house equipped with motion sensor night lights. When I went to the bathroom at night, I happened to look toward the light just as it went on. It was like looking at a flashbulb. I was blinded. When I went to check on my daughter sleeping in the other room, the night light would come on, waking her. Not wanting to disturb her the next time I checked I developed a plan. When I got close to the lights vicinity I would drop and roll toward her so the light wouldn’t come on. It was like a bank robbery scene from a mission impossible movie. And since these night lights were placed outside bedrooms, bathrooms and in hallways I was given an all-points bulletin every time one lit up.

In bed, I’d hear my bedmate report, “Suspect in room four is out of his quarters, the light is on and there’s movement in the hall. What do you think he’s doing?”  My guess was since the light was outside the bathroom, that he was going to the bathroom and since there was a light in the bathroom, he would then be blinded by that light. Thank goodness we didn’t get up all at once to use the bathroom as the whole house would have been ablaze with light.

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