My local paper ran an article with the headline ‘Mannequins get realistic with tattoos and thicker waists.’ It reported stores are using more realistic versions of mannequins by adding fat, hair, tattoos, makeup and wigs. 

David’s Bridal mannequins will get thicker waists, saggier breast and back fat. I think if it’s realistic we’re after, David’s Bridal should have a pregnant mannequin. After all, there are pregnant, soon to be brides who still wear the traditional wedding gown.

I think the fact retailers want to reach out to the average customer with realistic mannequins is a step in the right direction, but I think also the models that appear on runways and magazine covers must also represent the average woman. Not every woman is super thin and super tall. An average model would be of average height, with a paunch belly, back fat, saggy breast to match her saggy neck and cellulite. If designers kept the average woman in mind when designing clothes, maybe, just maybe, they would sell more clothes.

If stores are going to lengths to attract the average female shopper, what measures will they use to attract the elderly female shopper? Will mannequins with blue hair-wigs and wrinkles be next?

These mannequins are all well and good, but unless I’m wearing my glasses I won’t see a single one. Hmm… glasses. I wonder if bifocal wearing mannequins could be far behind.

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