The other day I heard about a new website: This site allows a person to rent local friends all over the US andCanada. You can rent a friend for social events such as going to the movies or a party. You can rent a friend for educational purposes such as learning a foreign language or a new skill. A friend can be your tour guide if you’re new in town. RentAFriend states it’s strictly a platonic friendship site and not a dating site or escort agency. The cost for a friend starts at $10 an hour, but most are willing to negotiate or even waive their fees depending on the activity planned.

I checked out the site and viewed several profiles. I came across Sugar (not sure if it’s her real name or stage name) who was available for site seeing, personal advice and a phone friend. Sugar seemed nice enough, but I would have trouble telling my problems and soliciting marital advice from someone I just met.

When I vent about my marital woes it’s to an old friend who’ll side with me, not someone who’s paid to be fair and impartial.

I believe friends are like shoes – each one suits a different purpose. You have practical shoes that fit well but you don’t wear on a regular basis because, well, they are practical. Your practical friend serves you well, offers rational, practical advice and refrains from taking sides in a marital tiff because they pride themselves on being ‘fair and impartial.’  Your practical friend holds a mirror to reflect who you really are. She tells you like it is. Your practical friend can really get on your nerves. Your practical friend sits on the shelf next to your practical shoes wondering why people keep bypassing them.

It’s easy to bypass the practical for the Comfortable. You wear comfy shoes because they fit like a glove and offer the support and comfort needed. You can depend on them. In times of crisis and marital discord I turn to my dependable friend. I know she will offer sound advice and more importantly, agree with me. I can depend on her to agree with any and all unfounded, uneducated, bizarre judgments I may adhere to people. She’s such a comfort.

Honestly, don’t we all want someone to agree with us even when we’re wrong; someone to validate our irrational fears and crazy ideas simply because they’re our friend? Of course we do!

I realize if I make Sugar my shallow, site seeing friend I would have to break in a new pair of shoes. I’m thinking a peep-toe – reveal a little, but not too much, perfect for a casual, superficial relationship.