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It was written in USA Today that the San Diego International Airport has installed a “Pet Relief’ station – the nation’s first airport pooch potty.

The 75-square foot space includes fake grass, a fire hydrant, deodorizes, a hand – washing station and complimentary baggies.

No matter how many deodorizes they’ll have, it won’t be enough. After a while the animal scent will overpower the pine scented deodorizer, especially if all pet owners don’t pick up after their dog. “Doggie Stations, with free bags and a waste receptacle, line the walking paths in my neighborhood and yet not everyone takes advantage.  Instead I see owners allowing their dog to stop at someone’s mailbox and leave a present the way a mailman delivers a package.

Will there be a separate pooch potty for male and female dogs? I fear the line for the ladies pooch potty will be like the line at the ladies room in the theater – long and slow. Will two female pooches use the potty together or will one hold the curtain (if it’s located in the middle of the airport) granting the other privacy? Even animals can be shy. If there’s no privacy curtain or separate sex pooch potties then things may get interesting. A boy dog and girl dog who are attracted to each other and sharing the same space may forget where they are and create quite a show for travelers. That’s a video sure to go viral.

This summer I was in a New York airport and had to use the restroom. The nicest thing I can say about it is, “The place was a cesspool.” I felt like burning my outfit when done. Had my phone fallen in the toilet I would have left it there. If a million dollars floated at the bottom of the bowl, I would have left it there. In the future if I travel through the same airport and see a “Pet Relief” station I might push aside the dog on it and use it myself. It has to be cleaner than the Ladies room.

The jury duty summons I received read – appropriate attire required. Not everybody was dressed appropriately. Some were sleeveless with tattoos showing… and those were the women.

Your Sunday best,’ is no longer your best; instead of a suit and tie, it’s shorts and flip-flops.

Some restaurants post signs in their front window, ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service.’ I imagine this wasn’t much of a problem until recently when men started going shirtless. I don’t know who started it. I don’t know when it started. All I know is that men running around shirtless are being touted as a ‘curious trend.’ The cover of The Daily News had a picture of Orlando Bloom walking the streets of New York shirtless.

When I was in New York this summer I saw my share of shirtless men. It’s not that I wasn’t appreciative, but my question is – why? Do they think it’s sexy? To see an out-of-shape guy with shorts around his knees, underwear showing and flip-flops is not sexy. Maybe they’re too tired to put a shirt on, I mean walking around all day trying to look cool and oblivious to women ogling them takes a lot of energy; energy they no longer have to finish dressing.

Even if you have a great build, even if women gawk at you the way men have done to women since Adam said to Eve, “Forget the fig leaf,” my question is – why? In order for it to be considered a fashion statement, doesn’t one have to wear something to be considered fashion? Are they trying to make women feel bad with the silent, yet visual commentary which screams, ‘Ha, ha, men can go shirtless, but women can’t?’ Is this being disrespectful to women?

When I asked my husband what he thought of men permitted to go shirtless, but women prohibited from going topless, he replied with a smile, “Oh, I’m all for women going topless in public.” I think if women can’t do it, then men shouldn’t be allowed to do it. If you’re on a beach and shirtless, it’s fine. If you’re in bed and shirtless, it’s fine. Otherwise… why?


Just when you think you’ve heard it all along comes something else. I read two online companies: Pampered Poultry and Hen Holster make washable cloth diapers for chickens. The idea was hatched (not my word) to help pet owners keep or care for their pets indoors or while transporting them to poultry shows. That’s all well and good, but how does one go about diapering a chicken?

Chickens are hard to catch; anybody who’s seen the movie Rocky can attest to that. It was a workout for him to catch the chicken his trainer Mickey used as a device to get him to be quick as lightning. He had to be quick and light on his feet. When he caught the chicken finally it was a victorious moment and then and only then was he ready to step into the ring and beat his opponent. I don’t want anybody to read this and think I’m equating Rocky’s opponent, Apollo Creed, to a chicken, I’m not. Apollo Creed threw a much harder punch. I’m merely painting a picture of how hard it is to catch a chicken.

The time it’ll take you to catch and diaper one is probably the time you would have spent cleaning up after one. Once you catch your chicken, you place it on the changing table the way you would a baby, you powder it the way you would a baby and then secure the diaper in place the way you would for a baby.

I wonder if chickens are comfortable in diapers or regard them the way women do Spanx; an unpleasant necessity. Do diapers come in sizes like human diapers? I wonder if the chicken’s parent’s fight over who has to change the diaper the way human parents do. What if the chicken lays an egg while wearing an already full diaper? Would you want to be the one to fish it out?

Last, since horses are always being transported (I always see them in those little trucks) why aren’t there horse diapers? I’m sure it must get messy, not to mention smelly in those trucks. But, that’s definitely one diaper I’d never change.